Thursday, May 21, 2009

Watching the bikes go by in HCM city

According to our guide, Thuan, the population of HCM city is over 10M and there are 3M motobikes. Motobike is the number one transort in HCM city. When we arrived at HCM city at the peak of rush hour on Monday, we were overwhelmed by the number of motocycles in HCM. The motorbike seem to be rushing somewhere. Lonely Planet has a list of favourite places to watch the bikes go by. We decided to sit down at Cafe Zoom to watch the bites zoom by during rush hours.

Pham Ngu Lao area is popular with foreigners. There are many
guesthouses catering to backpackers. This is the picture of another cafe not far from Cafe Zoom. Neo Chian and Thuan were checking it out before we picked Cafe Zoom. Shortly after we sat down, it started to rain. Show time. This first scene caught our attention.

How do you share a raincoat?

Depends on whether you want to see where you are going.

When you have a third person to carry ....

These are voted the best bike fashion photos. Vietnam Aodai dress, an umbrella and crash helmet..

Pink helmet matches pink blouse and high heel shoe.

No time wasted.
Must answer, even just a couple of seconds waiting for green light. .

Doing revision on motorbike or reading comics? Surely the boy does not believe in wasting time. Safefy can wait....

Hawker-on-wheels. When was the last time you see this in Singapore.

This lady has her whole stall on wheels. Any vegetable you can think of, she probably has it.
Suddenly, there was a bang. A motocyle knocked into a bicycle at the junction. The wheel of the motorcycle got stuck to the mudguard of the bicycle. The motocyclist pulled the wheel out.
The cyclist did nothing but just stood by watching. The motorcyclist uprighted his bike. The cyclist turned and got on his bicycle. There was no fuss or argument. The light turned green and off they went. It would be a totally different scene if this happened in Singapore. We decided it is about time to get back to hotel and got ready for dinner. It was a very entertaining 90 minutes we spent at Cafe Zoom in HCM city.

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