Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Off we go

On 27th April, Neo Chian comes to my house in his Pajero early morning. We go through the checklist to make sure we have loaded everything we want to bring. After we finish, we still have time for a couple of photo taken.

Pretty neat packing, isn't it?

We have packed our gears into 6 boxes. Each of us has one for personal stuff, one for car maintenance kits like spare fan belt, engine oil etc., one for books, maps, reading materials, one for food stuff and one for miscellaneous like portable cooking stove.

We have supporters sending us off ! Thanks for coming guys.

At 9.15 am, Gemma officially flag us off with a scarf from Thailand. This scarf is a gift from my son. He got it from a recent Tri-althelon meet at Ngon Khai, Thailand. This scarf will bring Good Luck for our trip.

Off we go... Neo Chian and I are officially on our way to 66 days of unique experiences of our life. My goals on this trip are finding good value in local accommodation, local food of the town, nice scenery and take nice pictures and share in my blog.

We plan to arrive Kangar in Perlis state on 28 April and cross into Thailand on 29 April, Wednesday morning..

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