Sunday, April 26, 2009

We are all set to go...

Starting point: my house at Sunrise Way, tomorrow 9 am.
Ending point: Neo Chian’s house at Springleaf Drive, 66 days later

We would like to thank the following persons/companies for turning our idea into reality..

Li Hoon and Gemma
The wives are our strongest supporters. “You two make a good team on the road” Li Hoon said. “If you don’t do it now, when are you going to do it?” Gemma said. With their full support, the decision to go on this trip was easy to make.

Quek Bee Lan
For her help in liaising with various embassies and agencies at her own time in getting all these permit approvals, visas, support letters at such a short notice. To date, we have obtained all paperwork except for Vietnam. We expect to get the approval before we arrive at the Cambodia/Vietnam border.

William Lyou and Leslie Chang
For their advices and assistance in getting the car ready for the rough and tumble of the trip and useful tips of driving under challenging weather conditions.

Meryl Koh
Despite her own heavy work schedule, she did a lovely logo of “Asean-on-Wheels” for our trip. We have proudly displayed the stickers on the Pajero.

Cycle and Carriage
For checking the Pajero and providing sponsorship for the trip. In particular , Benjamin Khoo and Jalani of the Mitsubishi Service Centre at Alexandra Road for basic maintenance training and using of various tools. They are very responsive and helpful in answering our questions.

Yeoh Siew Hoon
For helping to frame the concept of Asean on Wheels and setting the blog.

Shell company
For sponsoring engine oil

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  1. Bon Voyage Uncle Sunny!

    Drive safe and have alot of fun. =) We will be eagerly anticipating you and uncle neo chian's blog entries and eventual return. Bring good food and photographs back! And my baby elephant too please.